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Starting out and building a business as everyone knows is hard work! Even a well established business there are so many time-consuming tasks that take up your time, but they are necessary to keep your business running. Solution?  

Time to Hire a Virtual Assistant! 


There are many benefits to hiring a VA, and there are many tasks that VAs can offer, but one thing that ALL  VAs will do is save you time and money!! No brainer really. You don't need to pay a VA employee benefits or pay for desk space.

More free time means you can focus on core business functions or have more leisure time for you! 



I can help you keep your business growing, by taking on those unwanted tasks, helping to organise your day or I can join your team to be the extra pair of hands that is needed to keep your business flowing and growing. 


At VirtualLee I can assist you on an ad-hoc basis, for longer projects or ongoing. 

Check out my service below!  If there are other tasks that you require, please enquire as these are not limited. If I can't do the task then I will find someone that can! 

Executive Assistant Support 

Business Support

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Why We're Great >

Why We're Great >

Do you need a VA to help get your business on track......

I am here to help! 

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